The town lies in the midst of one of the most beautiful holiday-destinations of Italy. The wide bay has a beautiful gravel beach. In the peak season from July to September numerous concerts and cultural events take place in Levanto (e.g. Amfiteatrof and Laura Film Festival). In our immediate neighborhood are the Cinqueterre and the well-known bathing resort Bonassola. Both destinations are easily reachable by train or by foot.


Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are probably the most famous and most popular hiking destination in Italy. You can hike on historic paths through vineyards, olive grooves with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Cinque Terre have been declared a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO and has also turned into a National Park. Bonassola is a quiet bathing resort.

Val di Vara

The Vara valley lies in the hinterland of the Ligurien Riviera. Small medieval towns and small villages on green hills are waiting to be explored by you. Here you will find Peace and recovery off the busy tourists tracks. The Val di Vara is also called the biological valley, particularly the upper valley, the so called Alta Val di Vara, agricultural production is strictly biologically and controlled. Varese Ligure is the first municipality in Europe awarded with a bio certificate from the European community.


Portovenere is the smallest municipality of La Spezia province. In 1998 it became part of the UNESCO with Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto islands and 5 Terre. You can easily reach it by ferry from Levanto or by bus from La Spezia.

Camogli and Portofino

You can't avoid to visit these wonderful villages. Camogli, also named "The town of Thousand White Sailing Vessel" or "Paradise Gulf Gem" is well connected to Levanto with train service. Once there, you can taste the typical "Focaccia al formaggio", produced only in the contiguous town of Recco.

To reach Portofino, you catch the train to Santa Margherita, where the bus waits you to bring you to the village.

The ancient Harbour, the small streets bringing to the center which create a labyrinth smelling of focaccia and farinata. The beautiful front of San Lorenzo church, the new high tech buildings by Renzo Piano and the aquarium. The luxury of Via Venti shops and the poet in the songs of Fabrizio de Andrè. There's a ligurian proverbs which says "Gè de tüttu cumme a Zena", that is to say "There is everything like in Genova". That's true, Genova is all this together.