The Rules at the Campsite (pdf)


The management reserves the right to expel any guest who disregards the above mentioned rules or who behaves in any way that is likely to disturb the other guests.


Since the beginning the Acqua Dolce management applyes an eco-friendly policy conscious that the biggest goal for us is follow this statement: "we don't inherit the heart from our parents, we borrow it from our children". We take care of all our plants and schedule them, looking for the best way to preserve them from any danger (fire, vans, hot water from the cooking). We could say they are our best relatives and we are very intransigent when we speak about their safety. The same we could say for the animals.

The animal staff is this: Nina, Dobby, Vento (dogs); Rimmel, Tigro, Lucifero, Nero, Rosa, Bomba, Scheggia, Lappa, Beppe, Gianni, Madame, Stracciatella (cats) and the greatsuperhuge Star Peppa, our Cenerino Parrot (if you have already been here and you have kids, just ask them).

8 years ago we hung the first bird houses to help blackbirds and goldfinches build a nest. In the small river we built new walls to give a refuge to frogs and eels.

What about our guests' pets? Here are some simple rules to guarantee everybody a quiet holiday.

Dogs, cats, horses, elephants and similar CAN:

- stay in the campsite or at the restaurant on a leash;

- use the train/boat with passport, mussel and ticket;

- go to the beach from October to May.

Owners can NOT:

- leave dog's excrement on the ground;

- enter the toilets with the pet, even if on a leash

- go to the beach with the dog from May to October.

If you choose us, it means that you share our vision and we are sure we can count on you to respect these rules.

ah, just to let you know. Till now we hosted: countless dogs, many cats, 1 chicken, 2 turtles and 2 donkeys. Who will be next? ;-)