What is the Acqua Dolce Card Cashback World?

It is a card (loyalty card) that allows registration of purchases made at all Cashback World affiliated points of sale to reward you with unique advantages in its kind

Why everyone must have it?

Everyone would like to receive money back for every purchase made.

Every day we spend money for: a coffee, a newspaper, a pizza, shopping for home, utilities, advice, extra purchases, etc .;

Thanks to the Acqua Dolce Card CBW you have the opportunity to make money shopping.

How does it work?

1) Acquire your Acqua dolce Card CBW.

2) Download the "Cashback world" app from the PlayStore or Appstore.

3) Register your Acqua Dolce Card CBW and your data.

4) Make a purchase at our point of sale or a CBW sales outlet (wherever you are, the app will show you the company closest to you).

5) Show yours at the cash desk Acqua Dolce Card CBW

6) You will receive an SMS with the amount that will be reimbursed every 10th of the month.

How to receive it?

Fill in with your details in the link below, within 24 hours will be active and you can withdraw it physically at our activity.


Take advantage of the advantages of the Cashback App anywhere!

Even when you're out and about, do you want to shop as comfortably as possible? Then download our Cashback App for free to get an overview of the cashback shops in the area at any time.

With our free Cashback App you can easily take advantage of all your purchases even when you are around.

  • Find the cashback shops nearby.
  • Secure Shopping Point Deals at any time.
  • Easy access to the profile and to the digital cashback card.


Loyalty Program Membership Acqua Dolce Cashback World

Become a member for free, click on this link and complete the registration by entering your details.